Ceroc at Steam Studio
  • 4/F, Si Toi Commerical Building, 62-63 Connaught Road West, Sheung Wan, 852 Hong Kong
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Ceroc is a fun fusion of Salsa and Jive - join Asia's latest dance craze!
Tuesday, July 25th
Learn to dance in one night". Yes, one night is all it takes to learn a few basic moves to get you dancing.

If you have two left feet but have always dreamed of gracing the dance floor, perhaps it is time you tried the new dance craze.

Tens of thousands of people across the globe have already got the Ceroc bug as it can provide a great way to meet people and stay in shape.

Now this dynamic blend of Jive and Salsa moves has become so popular it is the largest and fastest growing partner dance in the UK.

The dance is easy to learn and although you dance with partners, most people come on their own.

At every CEROC night without fail there will be a good number of complete beginners. Therefore we hold a 45 minute class where you will learn 4 of the easier moves. After which you will be able to practice the routine.

Learning to dance with CEROC is very easy, there's no complicated footwork to worry about. After just 45 minutes you will have a routine of 4 moves that you will be able to dance in the freestyle.

One of the great things about Ceroc is there's no need to come with a partner. Our teaching method means everyone changes partners. So come and join the other scores of new people coming to Ceroc for the first time every week. Learning to Jive Salsa with CEROC is a great way to keep fit, socialise and enjoy a complete night out.
Top Notch Facility 0.5/5
Fantastic Teacher 0.5/5
Glad I Went 0.5/5
I travelled to the class, but there was no class there.
by Gabriel on December 30, 2016
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